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Performance Brain Health Centers is Colorado's leader in concussion care.  We have a robust standard of care that will help every step of the way and can treat children as young as age 3.  Treatment is available from injury to full recovery and graduated return to play and learn for student athletes.  We address every aspect of concussion for children and adults and won't stop just because overt symptoms have disappeared.  Evaluation consists of detailed neuro-physical, neuro-cognitive, & neuro-emotional diagnostics.  We utilize industry standard testing and treatment protocols to ensure complete and total recovery. 

Unfortunately many myths and misunderstandings are prevalent regarding concussion and concussive force injuries, and with these misunderstandings come many alternative and sometimes dangerous procedures.  Performance Brain Health Centers is primarily a clinical research practice and only utilizes evidence based treatment for concussion and other brain health conditions.  We do not use unproven or anecdotal procedures and mainly focus on treating the chemical and automation dysfunctions that occur after a concussive injury.  Our treatment has been proven to be highly effective and will insure complete recovery regardless of how long ago the injury occurred.  If you have additional questions regarding treatment, please refer to our faq page, or feel free to call one of our offices. 

Our staff consists of specialized neuropsychologists as well as psychotherapists and vision/vestibular professionals.  All providers are NAPMBC certified members and maintain the highest standard of care.  Our administrative staff are very helpful and familiar with academic and coaching RTL and RTP procedures.  All of our clinics are fully licensed and meet Colorado SB 11-040 (Jake Snakenberg Act) requirements for student athlete release.

Performance Brain Health Centers accepts most major health insurance plans and is a fully licensed Workman's Compensation provider.  If we are not in your insurance provider's network we have several payment options available as well as the option to pay with an HSA or Flex spending account.

For more information on concussion care and your local school, visit our

"Beyond the Bump" program.

The National Association of Psychological and Medical Biopsychosocial Clinicians maintains the gold standard for treatment in concussion care.  Their website can be reached here,

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