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Pediatric, Adolescent and Adult Behavioral Therapy
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Performance Brain Health Centers are fully equipped to treat a wide variety of behavioral conditions.  It is an unfortunate truth that many behavioral issues stem from untreated and unrecognized head injury.  Often times symptoms like inattention or poor memory are viewed as laziness or defiance in children and can be a large source of frustration.  Due to the complexity of the brain and its function, many symptoms are misattributed as other problems and are often very difficult to address for those who are not qualified.  It is common for children and adults to suffer from chronic anxiety, depression, attention and memory problems, poor academic performance and a variety of emotional and behavioral conditions due to an unresolved brain injury or concussion.


For those in the armed forces, head trauma may be the cause of many underlying emotional or cognitive symptoms.  Performance Brain Health often treats those in the military suffering from unresolved concussion.  These concussion injuries may account for symptoms like poor sleep, chronic headaches, chronic anxiety or depression, poor appetite, outburst of anger, poor memory, paraphasia (language disturbance), confusion as well as a number of other symptoms.  

These conditions are easily addressed without mood altering medications or compensatory strategies.  It is important to accurately diagnose the source of these conditions to adequately treat them.  The staff at Performance Brain Health Centers are state licensed therapists and are highly qualified to address all behavioral and emotional conditions. 

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