Our Staff Members
Dr. David Stephens, PsyD

Dr. Debora Scheffel, PhD
Ty Buckley, Administrative Assistant
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Please be patient, our provider profiles are coming soon.

Dr. Trigg Even, PhD
Ben Burlinson, Practice Administrator
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Please be patient, our provider profiles are coming soon.

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Please be patient, our provider profiles are coming soon.

Our Practice


Welcome to Performance Brain Health Centers.  We are a Colorado mental health and behavioral health facility.  Started in 2014, our clinic has grown to 2 locations serving patients in Colorado Springs and Castle Rock.


Our practice specializes in a brain centered approach to health and wellness and we are equipped to treat a wide variety of brain health and mental health conditions.  We offer full neuropsychological and psychological testing services and can also screen for a number of brain related conditions.

In addition to our mental health services, we also maintain a robust treatment program for concussion and traumatic brain injured patients.  Our office is licensed to follow all the required legislation for return to learn and play for your high school athlete.  Services for Colorado's displaced children in foster care and potential adoptive placements are also available, with staff experienced and knowledgeable with this population.  We look forward to serving you, our patient, with the care and respect you deserve. 


Latest Clinic News:

Foster Family Support

March 6, 2020


Our staff has extensive experience with the department of health and human services and are able to provide significant support to Colorado's foster families.  Although foster children need regular support, often parents and biological children within a foster home are overlooked.  Our offices can provide needed therapy and education for those parents and biological children in foster family environments. 


March 4, 2020


As additional staff are added we are pleased to offer more flexibility for appointment times.  This allows us to see a wide variety of patients with mental and behavioral health concerns.  We also have staff that are highly trained and have experience in helping with extensive trauma.  We are also one of the largest concussion treatment clinics in the state of Colorado. 

Welcome Dr. Debora Scheffel PhD.

Feb. 20, 2020


Please welcome our latest doctor, Dr. Scheffel. She is currently the Dean of the School of Education at Colorado Christian University. She has a academic background in communication sciences and disorders. Dr. Scheffel also has special education with research interests in cognitive psychology, brain behavior relationships and learning, reading and oral language development and disabilities in children and adolescents. She will be seeing many patients as well as completing neuropsychological evaluations. We are excited to have her as part of our team.

White Paper.

Feb, 2019


Many of our patients have asked about Dr. Stephens' white paper.  For those interested, please find the following link here for access to this media.